The Need For New

19th January 2021

The Notions Around Second-Hand Clothing. Reducing Your Waste.

Words Lauren Hextall / In-HAUS Copywriter
Graphic Lara Coassin / In-Haus Graphic Designer

“There is no logic to making things in order to destroy them, when we know both the making and destroying are exploiting people and our natural resources.” Orsola de Castro

In the fight for a sustainable earth, the discussion of fashion consumption is, rightly, a problem that many are searching to solve. The industry, no doubtably, wants to change and albeit the absolute solution is not clear, there are strides being taken in improving the damage.

These strides includes taking steps into resold and renovated clothing. On a practical level, the justification seems clear: why make new clothes when we can wear the existing. Alike, why spend more when you can grab a bargain! Often resold items hang at a discounted price, particularly when sourced in charity shops or on certain accounts found on shopping apps such as Depop. The practicality only exists here, of course, if you use these purchases as replacements for the new clothing you would have bought instead. The idea is to shift your shopping days from the high street, into resell areas. If you start making these changes, you may gain the label of being an ethical consumer: those concerned on their effects on the world around them, and what a lovely label to have.

If your fears are that your local charity shop won’t be able to feed your need the latest looks, do not worry. Spoiler alert! Fashion trends are on a cycle, style is repeatedly drawn from the past and creations are simply being reinvented. So, what you might find in this seasons town centre, might end up on next seasons runway - get ahead of the game!
Alternatively, taking the challenge of buying second hand might improve your creativity. Be inspired by the existing. And if how it currently exists does not represent how your soul currently exists, change your clothes! Renovation with the needle was once a skill society turned to when the only option was to make do and mend. Soon, we could be in a similar, resource lacking state, so let’s be proactive.

Consumption is not a sustainable practice and although you may look fabulous in your Depop sourced fits, resources have still been used and we must not settle as if we’ve solved the puzzle. However, it is the ‘no waste’ consequence that buying second hand provides, which seems motivate many to put themselves into last decades shoes. Use what we have. Reduce your waste. Shop second hand.

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