Spotlight / Stuart Haygarth

9th January 2021

Take Action and follow Stuart Haygarth’s work. 

Words Lauren Hextall / In-HAUS Copywriter

Stewart Haygarth is a British, reconfiguring artist, who elevates man-made waste into incredible pieces and installations. Haygarth features in our Issue 01 From The Ground Up, as we interviewed him on his practice and his thoughts on sustainability. Look out for the issue to read the interview and see our photoshoot in response to it.

The purpose for the artists inclusion in our magazine is not only to celebrate his incredible talent, but acts as part of our defiance against the stereotypes around sustainable art. His lavish, quintessential creations stray far from the visibly amended work that many connote with rejuvenated objects. We want to make a point that life, as lavish as you may like it, can be sustainable in all aspects. Our dream is for everything currently labelled ‘sustainable’ to soon be labelled the normal.

The images are taken from his website and show his Island / 2016, Glass House / 2013, Tutu / 2009 and Spectacle / 2006.

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