Spotlight / Manjit Thapp

17th January 2021

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Words Hannah McIntosh / In-HAUS Art Director
Illustrations Manjit Thapp

Manjit Thapp is an UK based illustrator, encompassing everything popular culture, blending traditional mediums like pencil with refined digital art. Beginning her journey of illustration as a young girl drawing elephants adorned with decorative patterns, has now transformed into beautiful interpretations of female characters. Reading her speak of the inspiration behind her work is a highlight as she recalls working on her newest curation of illustrations The Little Book of Feminist Saints. 

It reads “When I was working on the book there were so many women that I wasn’t familiar with, so it was empowering to learn how they changed the world… my biggest inspiration is Frieda Kahlo but to be honest all the women in the book are awesome.”

Her playful and boldly textured illustrations are a breathe of fresh air in the artistic sphere; she cunningly acknowledges inclusivity, intersectionality and feminism in such a way that its hard not to fall in love with her creations.

If you are looking for a space that represents the unrepresented check out Thapp’s illustrative world. But be prepared for ample scrolling and a full basket of her products that can be found on her website.

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