Spotlight / Aja Barber

3rd January 2021

Take Action and follow Aja Barber to stay informed. 

Words Lauren Hextall / In-HAUS Copywriter
Photography Zsuzsanna Pálmai 

Aja Barber is a sustainable fashion advocate who writes, styles and educates, most easily found on her instagram @ajabarber and twitter @AjaSaysHello. Barber’s talks on ethical fashion can be found amongst her expressions on racism, feminism and intersectionality. If you are looking for a source of knowledge, inspiration and an inclusive space, look no further than Barber.

Her accounts are our favourite for an assertive, transparent take. Her pinned tweet on twitter reads: “Before you come into my mentions to dispute anything:  Take a moment.  Breathe.  And think to yourself ‘Maybe I should shut up forever.’”

So if you are in need of source to advise you how to clean up your wardrobe; a voice to listen to to expand and continue your education on the Black Lives Matter movement and a place to watch some very, very cute cats, go follow Aja Barber.

Here are some lines from the Instagram caption from her photograph on the left. We think it’s worth a read:

“My point as of late around here is all about the questions dealing with consumption. In case you haven’t guessed. Whenever I have anything in the mainstream questioning the fast fashion cycle machine it’s so weird how many people automatically scream ‘But where will poor people shop?’ ‘This is classist!’ Instead of ‘Why is everyone participating in conspicuous consumption to the point where we’ve built a new league of billionaires?’

There’s this odd of way of excluding that people with disposible incomes did this and sorry but it’s fucking weird how many become ‘advocates for the poor’ ONLY when one points out how a system actually harms other people in poverty.
Sometimes shifting the mindset is entirely necessary to think about these problems from a different viewpoint. Why do people scapegoat ‘the poor’ when all of us have bought into fast fashion in some way or another? And how do we get out of the mindset that triggers us to compulsively CONSUME (Black Friday for example and the entire holiday season).

I for one think it’s a two parter. Collective action (spurned on by changing mindsets) and regulations. No one will feel inspired to push for regulation without looking inwards and shifting the mindset first. I truly believe that.”

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