In The Works 02
Sustainable Styling

12th January 2021

GREENHAUS in the works, a stylist’s perspective. 

Words Leah Murphy / In-HAUS Stylist
Photography Lily Stimpson / In-HAUS Photographer

GREENHAUS’ action for sustainable development lies in our eloquent and well researched articles, our sustainably and ethically sourced clothing and our concepts that are communicated through our photography and styling.

Many of GREENHAUS’ photoshoots are developed through concepts that aim to highlight issues such as overconsumption, ignorance and the effects of fast fashion. As a stylist for GREENHAUS Magazine it is very important to ensure that every piece of clothing used in our photoshoots is ethically sourced and does not contribute to the cheap manufacturing, frequent consumption and short-lived garment use. The fashion industry is one of the major contributors of plastic microfibres entering our seas. Every year 92 million tonnes of waste is produced, that is the equivalent of a rubbish bin truck load of clothes being burnt or buried in landfill every second! On the basis of these environmental impacts we made the decision to only shop at charity shops and to use clothing from our own wardrobes.
Our first photoshoot for GREENHAUS was developed using the concept of overconsumption and ignorance. Using a project by Westminster Menswear MA student Priya Ahluwalia and stylist Riccardo Maria Chiacchio as influences for this shoot. Their project showcased both Priya’s graduate collection as well as the urgent need for change in the way we manufacture clothes. For this shoot we created many looks using both on and off body styling. Our aim was to create visibility around the issue of overconsumption. 

We styled this look as a visual metaphor to express how the burden of preventing irreversible damage our environment will endure as a result of fast fashion will be left on the shoulders of generations to come if we do not act now. Our team at GREENHAUS aim to ensure improvement in the long-term sustainability of the fashion supply chain.

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