In The Works 01
Sustainable Styling

10th January 2021

GREENHAUS in the works,  a stylist’s perspective. 

Words Macy Rix / In-HAUS Stylist
Photography Lily Stimpson / In-HAUS Photographer

As one of the stylists for GREENHAUS, it has been an exceptionally fun role to take part in and I have learnt so much alongside it, especially when it comes to styling in sustainability way.

GREENHAUS’ main concept is about ‘humans and their appreciation for nature’ so when it came to accessing clothes to style with, we had to make sure that they were bought in far from fast fashion; something that we strive against. So, many of the clothes and props were taken from either charity shops, secondhand stores, clothes we already own and individual businesses. Visualising outfits and styles for the photo shoots whilst browsing in charity shops was a great way to for thinking on the spot and finding items of clothing in which would go nicely with the type of shoot we were going to do.

The styling for one of our shoots ‘Elevation’ was one of my favourites to style as it was one of the most creative ones; particularly standing out from the rest of them. Me and Leah took inspiration from an Austrian artist, Erwin Wurm and his work ‘50 Positions’ for this photo shoot as we wanted to use models to make distorted positions in stretchy clothing such as tights in order to form shapes of waste related items such as bottles, wrappers and plastic bags. I was very pleased with how the bin bag photos came out; I was able to recreate the look of an actual bin bag by using just two faux leather jackets of mine and a belt and then positioning them in a way where we could make them look almost crinkly and drooping like a real one. Within that shoot, I would say that it was one of our strongest images and I am very proud of what looks we achieved together to make for it.

Overall, it has been an incredible journey being one of the stylists for my group. Me and Leah have worked so well together and our similar mindset of styling ideas when projected physically on the models worked out perfectly!
Having the role of styling has taught me many things along way like coming up with ideas to suit specific themes of our photo shoots as we had to explore different colours and styles per shoot. However, most importantly, it has taught me the importance of shopping in a sustainable way and staying away from purchasing from fast fashion companies. From our photo shoots you can see that you can style with second hand clothing successfully and is so important as society to continue this further on in life in order to contribute to helping our planet become greener.

Styling for GREENHAUS, even during a pandemic, has been an amazing experience to be alongside my outstanding rest of the team and I hope to continue gaining more knowledge in sustainable styling.

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