Happy New Year

1st January 2021

We’re bringing GREENHAUS to life.

Words Lauren Hextall / In-HAUS Copywriter
Photography Lara Coassin / In-HAUS Graphic Designer

Our team at GREENHAUS want to wish you a year full of blessings and joy. Something that 2020 did teach us is what we need to prioritise. Health and wellbeing matter to us all and are things we cannot forget to be grateful for. Without our health, we have nothing. Please check in with your self and loved ones around you, to give and receive support and love you, and they, need.

Our hope for 2021 is for relations to improve. Relations with ourselves and our surroundings, both human and earth. Although under pressing circumstance, we were given time to to slow down. We hope there has been realisations of what is and isn’t vital and what we treasure has been simplified. The things, the rituals and behaviours we once included in life, that we would now trade for our health and freedom, now seem so lacking of importance. Living resourceful lives is what we need to do. Find our source of necessities and enjoy the entire experience. This means, buying fast and throwing away in volume are unhelpful and disconnected notions, we have hopefully come to live without. The earth put us on a forced detox and we hope some things are ones we continue to abstain from.

So, as we take a first few steps in 2021, we encourage connection. Give mind to things you can help with and tell minds of the things you need help with. Nature is our greatest resource so let’s keep it strong. Join movements, use your voice, follow your heart and have a great year. 


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